German Engineering since 1999


EuroDesign, located in Garching near Munich, has been firmly rooted in Bavaria since the beginning.

The company has been solving demanding customer requirements through sophisticated and robust embedded solutions for more than 20 years.

In the multi-decade history EuroDesign accumulated a track record for innovative technology systems:

  • Display solutions: Optimising luminosity, power consumption and form factor is at the core of EuroDesigns work.

  • Electronics for operation in extended temperature ranges, while being optimized for low power consumption.

  • Energy efficient parts for electromobility solutions with a special focus on reliability

  • Long-running series of video recording and management solutions for a key player in the utility vehicle supplier market

  • Innovative logo projection devices for German OEM

Having worked extensively with German automotive suppliers and OEMs EuroDesign is well versed in navigating the price sensitive characteristics of the automotive industry.

EuroDesign delivers best in class german engineering so that their customers can deliver their products all over the whole world.